With thousand years of history, Hanoi is a dreamy land that still preserves the rich culture of the country. Coming here, you don't worry about what to do because the city always provides tourists with numerous fascinating activities which can bring you unforgettable experiences.

Hanoi is a top place to visit in Vietnam with many interesting things to explore. This capital has still preserved cultural features and historical sites that is worth a visit.

For those who are looking for an authentic adventure, these highest mountains in Vietnam must be what you should put in your shortlist before flying to this country where the impressive mountain ranges are waiting for you to conquer.

Many climbing enthusiasts are making the journey to this rugged landscape to escape the city crowds, explore the nature and conquer new heights. Sound like something you would love? If mountaineering is your adventure, here is our list of the best mountains in Vietnam.

Although the country is known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities, the mountains in Vietnam are also just as amazing, if not more! In fact, the Northern region of the country is full of impressive mountain ranges that take up a third of the country’s land, so it’s no surprise that trekking is becoming increasingly popular here.

Hoi An is one of the most attractive and peaceful destinations that you should come when traveling to the Central Vietnam. This ancient town offers many interesting things to do that makes your trip more memorable.


With the long history and rich culture, the ancient capital Hue is an ideal place to spend your holiday. If you get the opportunity to travel there, don't miss these stunning food.

Egg coffee is one of the most unique and famous drinks of Hanoi cuisine. If you get the opportunity to travel to Hanoi, don't miss this special dish.

Saigon cuisine is so amazing with plenty of food. These famous snacks below will leave you interesting cuisine experience coming to Ho Chi Minh City.

Flowers have strong culinary use in Vietnamese cuisine. There are a lot of delicious dishes made of flowers that you should not miss when traveling to Vietnam.

Vietnamese cuisine is so amazing. There are a lot of dishes made from unique ingredients that harly find in any where else. These are dishes from consumable flowers in Vietnam.

Vegetables is an indispensable part in every family meal. As a tropical country, Vietnam creates favorable conditions for growth of vegetables. These are the most popualar ones in Vietnam.